Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are Your Representatives Owned? (USA)

Keywords: bribery, organized crime, plutocracy, sabotage, subversion

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The New American Economics (Paradigm)

"De-regulate", loot, re-regulate and "bail out".

Over and over and over again.

Until there's nothing left to loot.

Keywords: economic warfare, organized crime, plutocracy, sabotage, subversion

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Empirical Mechanomeric Development and Artificial Photosynthesis of Fuels

Enzymes such as photosynthetic enzymes photosynthesizing octane can easily be developed empirically[1].

Basically, such development would involve matriciating (chromatographically two-dimensionally arraying) replicated random mechanomers (functional copolymers) of some artificial class analogous to proteins (say, polyesters or polysulfonamides), exposing the replicated random mechanomer matrix so produced to sunlight, and examining it for the emergence of octane (possibly using a previously-developed indicase which indicates the presence of octane by catalyzing a reaction causing a color-change), followed by extraction of the mechanomers from locations where octane is being produced, replication of those mechanomers, and their separation and testing for the desired catalysis, possibly by further rounds of matricial empirical mechanomeric development . . . .

Note that such development and use of such enzymes for such photosynthesis will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and "fix" it into fuel stocks, helping palliate the global ecological impact of the massive industrial fossil-fuel extraction and burning and consequent carbon dioxide emission and greenhouse effect of the past two centuries.

[1] John Kennard, "Empirical Mechanomeric Development".

Keywords: artificial photosynthesis, empirical mechanomeric development, greenhouse effect, photoenzymes

American Corporate Departmental Cartelization and Anti-Trust

If all the corporations in America "out-sourced" their personnel departments into one, wouldn't that be an anti-trust violation? even if instead of one it was just two or three?

If all the corporations in America "out-sourced" their credit departments into one, wouldn't that be an anti-trust violation? even if instead of one it was just two or three . . . ?

Bonus question: If an American corporation has been allowed to become "too big to fail", isn't that clearly an anti-trust violation?

Keywords: anti-trust, (over)concentration of wealth and power, plutocracy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conception: The Abortion Controversy's "Pro-Life" Faction's "Straw Man"

The question with regard to abortion is not when life begins—after all, both the sperm and the unfertilized egg are alive—but when consciousness begins, which is one of the knottiest problems of that knottiest and most immature of all the sciences, neurology.

Anyone who contends that a single cell (spermatozoon, ovum, or fertilized egg or zygote) is a human being falls far short of even elementary honesty, let alone the honest assessment of the greater complexities of morality, rationality, philosophy, science and medicine called for here.

The brain, which is the basis of the individual, does not finish developing for about twelve months after birth, at which point linguistic acquisition begins, etc., etc.

Speaking brutally, that should be the cutoff point for abortion.

But that would legalize infanticide, which I presume no one would be comfortable with, not even me.

And the brain first begins showing overall coordinated electrical activity at seven months of gestation, provable by EEG.

And that should be the point at which any rational weighing of the mother's against the fetus' interests should begin, with the balance heavily tilted in the mother's favor to start with.

Except in cases of rape and incest, since if the State enforces carriages to term of pregnancies due to rape or incest, it becomes a collaborator or co-conspirator before, during and after the fact in all rape and incest.

And in cases of severe and irreparable physical and especially neurological malformation/dysfunction, since anyone who deliberately carries such pregnancy to term should be punished as if they inflicted that state upon a normal and healthy child, and if the State enforces carriages to term of such pregnancies, it becomes a collaborator or co-conspirator before, during and after the fact in all such inflictions.

Keywords: abortion,neurology,theocracy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Horizons, Heights and Angles

A friend mentioned several weeks ago that he'd wondered for years what the equation would be for the additional night sky afforded by elevation in height (we're both amateur astronomers), and last Sunday I took a little mental vacation and began mulling over the problem, and after nine sheets of typing-paper and seven geometrical constructions I think I finally got it.

The angle rho from eye-level down to horizon, using r in the place of rho, is

r = arccos ( ( R / ( R + h ) ) ),

R = radius of, and h eye-level height above, a sphere.

That is, the formula embodies the simplest, spherical approximation to the problem—anyone wanting corrections for deviations from sphericality, or precise great-circle-route calculations, or corrections for local gravitational (and therefore space-time-curvatural, and therefore metric-mensural) deviations, can do it themselves, and God bless 'em.

The reverse equation of course is

h = R * ( ( 1 / cos ( r ) ) - 1 ).

And the first partial derivatives are, using d in the place of delta,

dr/dh = R / ( ( h^4 + 4Rh^3 + 3R^2h^2 + 2R^3h )^(1/2) )

gag choke


dh/dr = ( R sin ( r ) ) / cos^2 ( r ) = ( R tan ( r ) ) / cos ( r ) = R tan ( r ) sec ( r ).

The key to the derivation of the first equation is the geometric construction showing that the angle from an observer's eye-level down to his horizon is equal to that between his and his horizon's radii or perpendiculars: (1) Draw a circle in the middle ninth of the geometric construction space and put a heavy dot at its center; this represents of course the sphere on which the observer stands. (2) Draw a line vertically up from that dot and through the circle to the edge of the space and end it with an arrow-tip; this represents the observer's horizon and its radius and its extension. (3) Draw another line at 45 degrees to the right (at the clockwise 1:30 position) from the center dot through the circle and to the edge of the space and end it with an arrow-tip; this represents the observer's radius and its extension. (4) Draw the tangent to the horizon, a horizontal line intersecting the intersection of the horizon radius and line with the circle, extending the tangent to both sides of the space and ending both ends with arrow-tips. (5) Draw the tangent to the observer, a line intersecting the intersection of the observer's radius and line with the circle, extending the tangent to both sides of the space and ending both ends with arrow-tips. (6) Draw the observer's eye-level line intersecting the intersection of the observer's radius and line with the horizon tangent, extending the line to both sides of the space and ending both ends with arrow-tips. (7) Draw small squares around the intersections of the horizon tangent with the circle and the observer's eye-level line with the other two lines, with the top and bottom or inner and outer sides of the squares parallel to the tangent and the line respectively. (8) Darken the circle and the dot, the horizon and observer radii from the dot to the circle, the horizon tangent from the intersection with the circle to its intersection with the observer's line, the observer eye-level line, and the squares; these are the critical elements of the construction. (9) Mark the horizon and observer radii each "R", and the observer radius extension to the intersection with the eye-level line "h". (10) Mark the angle between the horizon and observer radii "(rho)"; mark the angle between the horizon tangent and the observer line "90 - (rho)"; and mark the angle between the observer eye-level line and the horizon tangent "(rho)".

Note, then, that the angle between the horizon and observer radii is equal in magnitude to that between the observer eye-level and his horizon.

Now all we have to do is apply elementary trigonometry to the former angle and we have our equation: In terms of the classic trigonometric variables, then, the horizon radius is "x" ( = R ), the observer radius is "r" ( = R + h ), and the cosine of the angle between the two, "(rho)", is of course given by "x/r" ( = ( R / ( R + h ) ) ):

cos ( (rho) ) = R / ( R + h ).


(rho) = arccos ( R / ( R + h ) ).

Running the equations by hand, taking the radius of the Earth to be 4000 miles, and using the trig tables in my beloved Riddle's Calculus and Analytic Geometry (3d ed.), for a few values, first forward, and then backward, gave (approximate) results combined in the following table:

h (mi.) rho (deg.)

1 1

2 1

3 2

4 3

5 3

10 4

20 6

80 10

255 20

510 30

1195 40

2250 50

4000 60

7765 70

19530 80

Note that at 19530 miles, Earth will be 2 * ( 90 - 80 ) = 20 degrees wide.

I think the above basically met the question, and was certainly fun in the runnin'.

Keywords: armchair astronomy

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vote Labor America

If all candidates for Congress in your district fall below 90 percent in the following list

write in the senior labor official in your State from your district:

That is, write in the senior undrafted union official in your state for the highest elective job at hand, the second-most senior for the next highest, and so on.

American organized labor isn't much, but it's all we've got, against the two Corporate Plutocratic Parties that rule America for the benefit of anyone and everyone but those Americans who depend on the value of their labor as their sole financial resource, the vast majority of Americans.

Keywords: plutocracy

Friday, September 10, 2010

Un-Black-Boxing "Out-Sourcing"

"Out-sourcing" of manufacturing of products intended for use in America out of America evades taxes; evades labor laws; evades labor-, consumer- and environmental-safety laws; diminishes State property-tax and State and Federal income-tax revenues; increases social costs; increases State and Federal debts; and increases the American national trade-deficit:

Who would be in favor of all that, American patriots? friends of America? or the enemies of America?

Keywords: economic warfare, espionage, organized crime, plutocracy, sabotage, subversion, Wal-Mart

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mechanomeric Oncotherapy

Mechanomers—functional copolymers analogous to proteins—toxic to cancer cells but not to cells of their parent (or other normal) types can be developed empirically[1], for the individualized oncotherapies or idiotherapies necessitated by the individualized nature of cancers.

Cancer cells are mutated cells, with at least one and usually multiple abnormal biopolymers (biological mechanomers, mostly DNAs, messenger RNAs and proteins), and the differences between such biopolymers and their normal parent biopolymers will allow the empirical development of mechanomers which are toxic to such cells only (e.g., lethal enzymes activated by complexing with such abnormal biopolymers only).

At its simplest, such development will take the form of parallel matricial empirical mechanomeric development[1]: overlaying a set of parallel identical replicated random mechanomer matrices with, respectively, a culture of the cancer cells in question, perhaps a culture of the parent cell-type of that cancer, and cultures of as many other (normal) cell types generated and cultured from the patient as practicable; observing for regions where on the first matrix the cancer cells die but on the others none do; extracting the random mechanomers from those regions from yet another parallel matrix; re-matriciating the mechanomers from each such region using different media to separate them; and repeating, until a set of individualized antineoplastic or oncotherapeutic mechanomers is developed.

It is unlikely that even with the use of multiple oncotherapeutic mechanomers that all the cells of a cancer will be killed, and indeed some if not most cancers more or less steadily mutate, so the mechanomeric oncotherapies of such cancers will therefore involve not only multiple mechanomers but also one or more extra passes or rounds of such multiplex therapy, as the cancer reoccurs to be re-sampled and a new set of oncotheraputic mechanomers developed to deal with it, with the majority of such cells destroyed by each pass, and a genetically-different minority left (if any) to begin again (note that even if not directly destroyed, the cells of such cancer held in check long enough should become ever more mutated, function ever more poorly, with ever greater numbers of its cells being fatally mutated, or exhibiting mutated biopolymers detectable and those cells therefore destroyed by the immune system, in "neoplastic burnout").

[1] John Kennard, "Empirical Mechanomeric Development".

Keywords: biopolymers, cancer, idiotherapy, matricial empirical mechanomeric development, mechanomeric oncotherapy, mechanomers

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Question for All the So-Called "Conservatives" and "Libertarians" in America

What is your considered moral, political and economic judgment of the organized and collective capital and ownership embodied in corporate/industrial shareholding and associations and PACs?

Keywords: collectivism, level playing field, plutocracy, subversion

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Teddy Roosevelt: Commie

Let the cries of "Socialism!" and "Communism!" slung in America at every slightest resistance to plutocracy begin!

Keywords: plutocracy, suppressed history