Friday, October 29, 2010

Meg Whitman: The Very Model of a Modern American Businessperson

Armed with promises to bring sound business principles to government, Meg Whitman has certainly proven her prior business savvy. As head of the online auction company eBay, Whitman amassed a billion-dollar net worth that gave her plenty of money to burn on a campaign.

Edging out Michael Bloomberg’s record-breaking mayoral bid, Whitman has spent nearly $140 million [now $163M] of her personal fortune on the California gubernatorial race, making her campaign the priciest non-presidential run in history. Left to eat her gold-flecked dust is Democratic opponent Jerry Brown, who has cobbled together less than a tenth of her campaign reserves.

But the methods by which Whitman made her mad campaign money could be construed as unseemly. Just before golden parachuting out of eBay in 2008, she laid off ten percent of its workforce. According to a brief profile of Whitman in The LA Progressive:

“Whitman has chalked up quite a record of eliminating jobs and arranging big bonuses for herself and other management personnel. The California Labor Federation calls her a ‘serial outsourcer’ who sent 40 percent of eBay’s jobs to low wage areas abroad. Between 2002 and 2007, Whitman increased the number of overseas workers at eBay by 666 percent, rather than keeping jobs in California.”

Using the strategy of globalization as the rule rather than the exception, Whitman has routinely taken food out of the mouth of the American worker and sent company products to be manufactured overseas by Asian children in sweatshops. While serving as a general manager of Hasbro in which she oversaw global operations, young Chinese workers plodded through 13.5 hour shifts, seven days a week, making holiday toys in a mosquito-infested factory. While serving as President of the Stride Rite Corporation's Stride Rite Division, which owns the Keds sneaker brand, Whitman played hardball with the labor unions of South Korea. When the workers got too demanding, she moved the sneaker factory to China where the country’s relaxed child labor laws allowed 16-year-old kids to handle toxic adhesive without protection for 42 cents an hour. And under her publishing strategy as Senior Vice President of Marketing of at the Walt Disney Company, Chinese workers were forced to use machines without basic safeguards while enduring oppressive heat and forced overtime for which they were not compensated. This to produce books about Mickey Mouse.

[See also my "Un-Black-Boxing 'Out-Sourcing' " .]

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Drivers, Overseers, Breakers, Patrols and Anti-Abolitionists

To know what it meant to be a bluecap one had to experience it!
Anything you saw was yours! Any apartment you looked at was yours!
Any woman was yours! Any enemy was struck from your path!
The earth beneath your feet was yours! The heaven above was yours!

The Gulag Archipelago

Slavery doesn't just enslave those explicitly enslaved:

It dispossesses and disemploys small farmers, workers, artisans and businessmen.

It must silence those small farmers, workers, artisans and businessmen it dispossesses and disemploys.

And it must silence those who would abolish it.

Happily for slavery, it can employ a large proportion of the small farmers, workers, artisans and businessmen that it dispossesses and disemploys to serve as slave-drivers, slave-overseers, slave-breakers, slave-patrollers, and vigilantes against abolitionism, for many of whom such employment represents a gain over their previous positions in terms of wealth and status, driving, overseeing, breaking and patrolling for runaway slaves, and putting down abolitionists, all for pats on the head and crumbs from the tables of the owners.

All of which applies mutatis mutandis to all forms of slavery.

Which is to say, all forms of aristocracy.

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The Savage Principle (New Adage)

Present advantage is all.

The Wall Street/London City Corollary:

The shortest-term bottom line rules.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Mexican Unconventional "Population Offensive" Against the US

The Mexican unconventional "population offensive" against the US—illegal immigration—is conspired in by the Mexican government to relieve its own population pressure, benefit from monies sent back to Mexico, and as basis of a revanchist exercise to at least de facto regain the US Southwest.

And the Mexican unconventional "population offensive" against the US—illegal immigration—is conspired in by the Catholic Church in both Mexico and the United States in order to bolster Catholic numbers and therefore Catholic political power in the United States.

And the Mexican unconventional "population offensive" against the US—illegal immigration—is conspired in by the American plutocracy and its political flacks as yet one more method of attacking the value of labor in the United States, the vast majority of Americans being working-people dependent on the value of their labor as their sole financial resource, regardless of skill-level, as always and everywhere.

Thus we see the de facto head of the "new" Democratic Party, President Barack Obama, still pushing as he always has (and as the Clintons did before him) to naturalize the latest accumulation of illegal Mexican immigrants, in Second Amnesty, to "take care of the problem for good", after which the US will "get serious" about illegal immigration and border security.

Second Amnesty, for there was a First Amnesty at the end of the '80s, which was promised (by among others such luminaries as Catholic "liberal" Senator Ted Kennedy, who also pushed Second Amnesty) to "take care of the problem for good", after which the US would "get serious" about illegal immigration and border security . . . .

First Amnesty naturalized several million illegal Mexican immigrants, most of whom promptly began working to illegally import more Mexican immigrants, so that the Second Amnesty now being pushed by "liberal" Democrats and "conservative" Republicans alike will be for anywhere from ten to twenty million illegal Mexican immigrants, maybe more.

None dare call it treason, of course.

None dare call it theocratic subversion, either.

And when was the last time you heard a Democratic or Republican politician use the word "plutocracy"?

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