Friday, October 15, 2010

Drivers, Overseers, Breakers, Patrols and Anti-Abolitionists

To know what it meant to be a bluecap one had to experience it!
Anything you saw was yours! Any apartment you looked at was yours!
Any woman was yours! Any enemy was struck from your path!
The earth beneath your feet was yours! The heaven above was yours!

The Gulag Archipelago

Slavery doesn't just enslave those explicitly enslaved:

It dispossesses and disemploys small farmers, workers, artisans and businessmen.

It must silence those small farmers, workers, artisans and businessmen it dispossesses and disemploys.

And it must silence those who would abolish it.

Happily for slavery, it can employ a large proportion of the small farmers, workers, artisans and businessmen that it dispossesses and disemploys to serve as slave-drivers, slave-overseers, slave-breakers, slave-patrollers, and vigilantes against abolitionism, for many of whom such employment represents a gain over their previous positions in terms of wealth and status, driving, overseeing, breaking and patrolling for runaway slaves, and putting down abolitionists, all for pats on the head and crumbs from the tables of the owners.

All of which applies mutatis mutandis to all forms of slavery.

Which is to say, all forms of aristocracy.

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