Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Our gross overpopulation is destroying our planet, through our massive and ever-growing extraction of fossil fuels from beneath the surface of our planet and burning them, releasing ever-greater quantities of carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat into the atmosphere, causing a geologically-speaking fantastically rapid warming of our atmosphere, to the point that the polar ice-caps are melting before our very eyes, while at the same time we are ever more rapidly deforesting our planet and poisoning our oceans, which forests and oceans are the only means of removing that carbon dioxide at least from the atmosphere, and at the same time are overfishing our oceans to the point that many if not most commercial fishery species are facing extinction by the middle of the century.

And what is our response?

We have a rush starting to exploit the coming newly-melted Arctic Ocean to PUMP MORE OIL! and CATCH MORE FISH!

Truly, we deserve the extinction we are bringing upon ourselves, through our stupid and vicious refusal to curb our own numbers.

We really really do.

[See also "The Overpopulation Equation", "Photonomics: The Photosynthetic Economy" and "Population Law: the 1% Approximation".]


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