Thursday, April 07, 2011

Two Writs of Mandamus to Look Forward to

One which forces the US Federal government to prosecute under RICO those tax-farmers who take advantage of illegal usury-law exemptions to engage in interstate home and farm tax-lien usury, extortion and grand larceny of homes and farms, and a whole slew of others in the affected States on the State level to prosecute such racketeers, all including above all the many legislators and law-firms involved:

Speculators, banks, legislators and law-firms can't be above the racketeering laws in America, can they?

And another which forces the US Federal government to tax corporate income as personal income—corporations having been ruled by the US Supreme Court to be persons—and a whole slew of others on the State level likewise:

Corporations can't be persons when it's advantageous to them, and not when it isn't, in America, can they?

Keywords: aristocracy, bribery, class, corruption, extortion, grand larceny, legislature, liberty, plutocracy, privilege, racketeering, servility, tax-farming, usury


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