Saturday, June 07, 2014

Idle Pastoralism

I'm out here as an advance guard for plastic.


The hunter kills prey for food and skins, the gatherer kills plants for food.

The pastoralist not only hunts and gathers, but kills his own flock or herd for food and skins, and in addition kills other predators which try to or might prey upon his flock or herd.

And the farmer not only hunts and gathers and herds, but kills everything, animal and plant, above and below the ground he intends to farm:

Sing the peaceful farmer!

Then there's Monsanto/Bayer-style corporate chemical and biological "Roundup Ready", neonicotinoid, GMO, "Agent Orange" and "suicide seed" farming . . . :

How long before "Neutron Ready" corn? *

And finally of course there's the developer who paves and concretes the farms.

* Just lift Deinococcus' hardened genetic system and voila.

[See also "Walls", "Population Law: The 1% Approximation" and "Photonomics: The Photosynthetic Economy".]

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