Thursday, February 04, 2016

Greed-Crime and Wealth-Crime

Access is an earned, essential raw material.

Lobbyist Robert Gray
(quoted in Jackley, Hill Rat (1992)

Substance-abuse courses in America are generally court-ordered subjections to doctor-state psychosociobabble jumbling pseudoscience and pseudomedicine, garbled history and breathless promise of new modes of diagnosis and therapy just around the corner (and even court-ordered religious indoctrination in the case of AA/NA--see the vid The Twelve Steps--apparently only government, not citizens, can violate the law, in this case the First and Fourteenth Amendments).

Such courses succeed only in boring or annoying most of their captive participants, except those who have reason and have already chosen to try to change, for whom such courses might suggest some useful strategies, the best of which stem from the neurological observation that it is easier to learn new than unlearn old behavior (another might be the temporary use of support-groups, other than those which, like AA/NA, attack the reality of choice and further demand ‪lifelong obsession with, if only by primary self-identification as ex-abuser of, the substance in question).

Anger-management courses are likewise generally court-ordered and similar in character to the above-mentioned.

But as the philosopher Hiaasen points out, we don't have, for some strange reason, court-ordered greed-management courses.

Furthermore, while hate-crime is recognized in America, as exacerbating element of crime, greed-crime is not.

Greed-crime consists of two elements, financial sufficiency and criminal injury of others to further enrich.

I do not know how to define suffiency, but one would think it would be at most in the low millions.

Again, there are crimes only commitable by wealth, or where wealth is used as criminal instrument (for example in market-manipulation).

And where wealth is prerequisite for crime or used as criminal instrument, it should be confiscated, and where appropriate used to compensate those injured by that wealth-crime.

Keywords: corruption, crime, greed, plutocracy, wealth


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