Monday, April 02, 2012

A World Without Lies, Evil or Violence

Many ideologies promise a world of truth, of good and of peace, if only in the future, or another world.

But error, lying, evil and violence cannot be eliminated without eliminating choice, without which there can be neither responsibility nor morality.

Without, that is, eliminating humanity.

Every such ideology then as an implicit attack on responsibility is irresponsible, and as an implicit attack on morality—and therefore on good—is immoral—evil.

And since no such ideology can hope for general approval, still less political power, while subjected to such simple and just moral analyses as the foregoing, it must if it is even to survive, still less thrive, suppress such criticism, both internally and externally:

Every such ideology must therefore be inherently dogmatic.

And every such ideology must therefore be inherently totalitarian.

Keywords: choice, error, evil, good, falsehood, humanity, ideology, lying, moralism, morality, peace, responsibility, totalitarianism, truth, utopia, violence, world

[Posted by me several times a number of years ago to the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as an annual "Xenumas" gift.]

[See also my moralist primer The Uncivil War.]


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