Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Beyond Plutocracy and Its Two-Plutocratic-Party System:
A Strategy

The splendid US Day of Rage / Occupy Wall Street movement is generating and accumulating steam as Americans Right, Left and Center seem to finally be waking up to their own and their childrens' futures as ever more oppressed and degenerate slaves under a plutocracy and its "two" plutocratic "parties" ever more arrogant, rapacious, corrupt and brutal (as I have touched on here and here), but there is considerable diversity of ideas on how to proceed from protest to meaningful reform.

The original Adbusters' demand was for a Presidential Commission to study how to get the power of money out of American politics, but I believe this is a weak and doomed idea, made to order for plutocratic temporizing until the heat's off, and for plutocratic gaming in any case so that no new genuinely radical (that is, actually effective) reforms could possibly make it out of any such Commission.

US Day of Rage favors a Constitutional Convention to report out at the least an Amendment reversing the corporate plutocratic United States Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and also limiting campaign contributions, but I can hardly regard without a chill a Convention at this time, gamed as it must be by the plutocracy and its "two" plutocratic "parties", so that surely at the very least no new genuinely radical (that is, actually effective) reforms could possibly make it out of any such Convention, nor anything that will be anything other than favorable to the plutocracy and its "two" plutocratic "parties", and possibly much worse than that.

So what do I recommend instead of either Commission or Convention?

Publicly-discussed and grassroots-organization-adopted single Amendments, when coupled with campaigns demanding candidates for the US Congress support those Amendments as well as public debates and recorded votes on them in Congress, seem to me to be the most promising, best-controlled and safest way forward out of the present plutocratic abyss in our country.

What Amendments, then? is the question.

I submit that there should be at least two:

First, a populist Amendment returning control of government to the people, getting government and the laws back out of the hands of the plutocracy and its "two" plutocratic "parties".

And then second a specifically antiplutocratic Amendment, remedying the dismal failure of our Constitution to address plutocracy (as I have touched on here and here), as it does aristocracy and theocracy.

The various reform forces not tools of or hopelessly co-opted by the plutocracy and its "two" plutocratic "parties" (unlike, say, and the "Tea Party") should therefore initially discuss and eventually settle on the details of and finally push for the candidate pledges and votes for adoption of that first, populist Amendment.

I've already indicated a couple of ideas for such populist Amendment, and will shortly post a relatively complex rough draft of such, for such discussion.

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