Friday, April 17, 2009

A Moralist Primer

Webbed in 2003, The Uncivil War is a 1900-word moralist tract and

It rejects more peripheral approaches to morality, moral philosophy,
ethics or meta-ethics, focusing instead on morality itself, and the
implications of the reality of morality, both moral necessities, those
things which must be in order for morality to be, and moral
consequences, those things which must be since morality is, all in the
hardly metaphorical context of the war against responsibility and

It is helpful in dealing with and inoculating against the most common
forms of moral subversion.

It may be read at

and is available for download free as a web-book (zipped web-pages)
and PDF.

It is also now available as a POD paperback.

Thank you.

Keywords: moralism


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