Friday, May 04, 2012

Occam's Universe: The CMBR as Space

The "Big Bang" cosmogenesis has needed constant "fixes" (from "inflation" to "dark matter") and has fatal flaws (eg the non-decrease in universal density in terms of galaxies per unit-volume, and the non-decrease in heavy elements observed in those galaxies, as we look at them farther and farther away and therefore farther and farther back in time), and its faithful deal with such criticisms by the religious/theocratic tactics of studied ignorance or permanent controversialization, and indeed the patent reason for its astonishingly wide and rapid spread and fervent adoption is due to its fit with the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic cosmogony ("Let there be light"), all together supporting the inference that it represents a back-door invasion and subversion of astronomy-cosmology by that cosmogony.

Students of (more or less steady-state) cosmogeneration must therefore consider alternative explanations for the expansion of the Universe inferred from red shift and for the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR).

And it is more than interesting that the wavelength of that radiation considered in combination with the universal photon-density of that radiation (photons per unit volume) show that that radiation fills space.

Such photons might be generated to fill space as it expands, but it is more economical and accords with Occam's Razor to conclude that those photons are space (or space-time):

The cosmic microwave background radiation is space.

Keywords: astronomy, atheism, Bereshith, Big Bang theory, CMBR, cosmic microwave background radiation, cosmogeneration, cosmogenesis, cosmology, cosmogony, Genesis, Judaism-Christianity-Islam, MBR, Occam's Razor, photons, pseudoscience, religion, theism, theocracy

[See also my "The Non-Intensive Universe" and "Occam's Universe: Gravity Is Expansion" .]

[20140812 New theory on horizon about this, cooler all around, really. Stay tuned.]


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