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Occam's Universe: Energy, Photon, Spacetime and Matter

Energy is transmitted through space as photons.

Within the photon, energy is proportional to frequency, and both are inversely proportional to space (wavelength) and time (period).

That is, in the photon, energy appears inverse to spacetime:

The greater the energy, the less spacetime, and vice-versa.

And while neither energy nor spacetime can be zero (since either would imply the infinitude of the other), emission and absorption of energy appear reverse and inverse absorption and emission of spacetime respectively.

Energy thus appears an inverse measure of spacetime.

The differential geometry used to model spacetime therefore appears appropriate to model energy and its emission and absorption as well.

And since matter is equivalent to energy, with a very large constant of proportionality, matter appears just very much less spacetime still, and should likewise be modeled.

Indeed, accelerating matter increases its kinetic energy and mass but shortens it in direction of travel and slows the time it experiences, which suggests once more that same relation of matter and energy and spacetime as above.

Keywords: astronomy, cosmology, energy, matter, photon, physics, spacetime


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Kinetic energy of a particle ( charge) moving at the velocity of v has two different values:

Kinetic energy of a particle ( charge)

Tkin id =mc^2 [ln |1-v/c|+ (v/c) / (1-v/c) ] in direction of motion of a particle ( charge)

It is realy as Newton´s kinetic energy,

where v is velocity of a particle ( charge) .

Kinetic energy of a particle ( charge) Tkin ad = mc^2 [ln |1+v/c|- (v/c) / (1+v/c) ] against direction of motion of a particle ( charge)

It is realy as Maxwell´s electromagnetic wave energy,

where v is velocity of a particle ( charge).

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