Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm Not Alienated, Everyone Else Is

I've arrived over the years at the following analysis of the terminal disinterest of publishers in my 1900-word moralist tract and primer The Uncivil War:

The percentage of publishers interested in moral philosophy is low; the percentage of those interested in non-academic works on the subject lower still; and the percentage of those not possessed of a pre-existing ideological POV that any reasonably rigorous moral philosophical work (and the primer is that, however nonacademic) is sure to step on the toes of lower still, all tending in the limit to zero percent . . . .

But what really gets me is that I webbed the book over six years ago and there hasn't been one single spontaneous link to it; only one single spontaneous mention of it (there's a treasure-hunt for ya); and I've never received one single spontaneous email about it (replies to this don't count).

What a world.

Keywords: disgruntlement, moralism, whining


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