Friday, November 19, 2010

But Does the AFL-CIO Care? Is the Real Question

"Insurance industry" price-gouging has been one of the many ongoing blows levied against the working-people of America in recent decades, and it strikes me that one blow back against the American Corporate Plutocracy might be for the AFL-CIO to start its own non-profit insurance corporation ( not "not-for-profit", which organizations are invariably frauds as rapacious as the worst "for-profits", while being even more hypocritical, in their rancid pretenses when expedient of not being "for-profit") . . . .

The AFL-CIO should have the money for the initial actuarial and organizational set-up, and of course a great customer-base, which should not be limited to union-members only, since the more the better . . . .

Such union-based non-profit insurance corporation should provide basic health, life, auto and home insurance.

And it would kick the feet right out from under one of the earliest, worst, most hypocritical and most lavishly blood-sucking elements of the American corporate plutocracy (for "blood-suckers" as a term of Constitutional art, see Madison's Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 for August 23 and passim).

Now add a union-based non-profit national BANK to the mix . . . :

And the AFL-CIO can GUT the American plutocracy, to the benefit of all Americans, other than the blood-suckers of the plutocracy themselves.

Keywords: banksters, "banking industry", "insurance industry", plutocracy, unionism, working-people


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