Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wall Street Green Is People!, or, Bulldozing the Poor

First you make predatory or shaky home-loans, then you deliberately torch the economy, then you foreclose and drive the families of the poor and less-favored working-people—who have been disemployed by your torching of the economy—out of their homes, and then you bulldoze those homes as uneconomical to hold or sell.

But not so uneconomical as to refrain from driving those families out of and bulldozing their homes.

Bulldozing the poor.

That's what 21st-century America has come to, under the rule of the American plutocracy and its fraudulent mass elections and its doubly-fraudulent two-plutocratic-party system.

Here's just a partial roll of the absolute plutocratic savages pulling this stunt in 21st-century America, to the silence if not applause of the "two" plutocratic "parties":

Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Co., Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY FANNIE MAE:

Web-search "foreclosures bulldozers"

And of course all the two-bit local plutocratic machines, plutocrats in petto, are fluttering around with glee at the idea of selling the "cleared" properties to themselves and their good friends at rock-bottom prices, in what they call "revitalization".

Can anyone provide any shred of evidence that the American plutocracy deserves the slightest shred of mercy?

Let them get the mercy they have given.

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