Thursday, August 18, 2011

American Holodomor

In 1932-33, 6-7 MILLION Ukrainians starved to death as grain was taken from them by the Soviet government, in a brutal campaign of near-genocide intended to help finance the Stalinist Soviet war-economy and to break the Ukrainian peasantry and Ukrainian nationalism, a campaign called the "Holodomor".

From 2006 to 2008, the global plutocracy launched an economic attack on the world, the Oil Bubble of 2006-8, which deliberately wrecked the economy of the world, in an act of war against the world, a war-crime against the world, and a crime against all humanity.

Great suffering and misery have ensued from then down to now from that wrecking of the global economy, even as the perpetrators of that attack not only go free, uninvestigated and unprosecuted, but even have received government "bailouts" as their front-businesses have themselves suffered from the economic devastation, and of course have busily been snapping up all sorts of corporate bargains amid the rubble, so that the wealthiest of the world have come out of all of this wealthier than ever before, both absolutely and relatively, and with greater concentrations of wealth and ownership than ever before, in the Great Leap Forward for global plutocracy that all of this was intended to be all along.

As a direct result of this plutocratic attack on the world, a greater proportion of Americans are on food-relief ("food-stamps", although usually nowadays an Electronic Benefit Card is used) than ever before: 1 in 7. 46 MILLION Americans. About half of whom are children.

(While the American Obama Administration claims that food-relief is an "economic stimulus".)

And now over the last year there has been a roughly 50% increase in food-prices in the United States, with no corresponding increase in food-benefits, which means a 33% decrease in nutrition from those benefits.


And guess what? in the Great Debate over what passes in Washington, DC, for "economics" a couple of weeks ago, none of this played any role at all.

You see, the owners of America, and their two-plutocratic-party system flacks and thugs, aren't in any danger of malnutrition, nor are their children facing any Brave-New-World-style mental blunting from malnutrition.

And that's who the two-plutocratic-party system represents:

Their owners and themselves.

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