Saturday, October 01, 2016

Twenty-One Points

My fellow citizens:

I ask you to carefully listen to, and read, the following twenty-one points:

"1. Corporations are not persons.

"2. Political monies are not speech.

"3. The tender, sale or purchase of access to any government official, or conspiracy thereunto, shall be a felony.

"4. No 'fast-track' law or treaty is or shall be valid.

"5. Treaties shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress, and then by referendums in the States, with majorities in two-thirds of them, comprising two-thirds of voters nationwide.

"6. Offshoring of manufacturing of goods for sale in or of services to America is and shall be a felony, and movement of corporation abroad to evade this or other law an act of war.

"7. Employment of illegal immigrant labor and other violations of the immigration laws shall be felonies, and immigration from any country limited to emigration there.

"8. Trafficking or trading in loans or mortgages, or in distressed homes or family farms, or in securitized commodities, shall be a felony.

"9. International lending to nations is prohibited as an act of war against those peoples and lands.

"10. There shall be no governmental compensation of any kind for speculative or international lending losses.

"11. Any asset the ownership of which has been concealed or falsified, or the ownership trail of which leads to a country which allows such, shall be confiscated.

"12. There shall be fair use of copyrighted materials, including samples.

"13. All elections and referendums shall be by paper ballot, stored for a minimum of ten years, with public access thereunto.

"14. Any transfer of monies into any State from out of State, or into the United States from abroad, or use thereof, for political purposes, regardless of origin, ownership, route or form, or to compensate such expenditures, shall be a felony.

"15. Any elected official may be recalled by petition by a greater number of voters than elected him or her.

"16. Either House of a bicameral legislature may originate impeachment, to be adjudicated by the other House.

"17. All legislative committee and subcommittee assignments shall be at random, and any tampering therewith a felony.

"18. Legislative riders and bundled or omnibus bills shall be invalid.

"19. Every legislative House shall record and daily publish on the Internet verbatim transcripts of all of its proceedings, other than Congressional sessions involving classified diplomatic or military, but not economic, matters.

"20. Any legislative franking of unsolicited communication shall be a felony.

"21. Either House of Congress by two-thirds vote, and any State by two-thirds vote in referendum initiated by petition of ten percent of the voters, may originate amendment of this Constitution."

Thank you for listening to and reading these twenty-one points.

They address some of the mobster practices and acts of war which have been levied against America and other countries in recent decades, and some long-time institutional failings.

And they comprise an Amendment to our Constitution that I will submit to a special Joint Session of Congress which I will convene once I am elected President, to be approved and passed to the States for your ratification or rejection.

Thank you again for your attention.

Keywords: corporocracy, corruption, democracy, Kennard Amendment, mobsterism, plutocracy, populism, war


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