Monday, May 03, 2010

Australia Succumbs to Tobacco Warrior Subversion

SYDNEY (AFP) – Australia on Thursday said it would become the world's first country to ban logos and branding on cigarette packets, sparking a furious response from the tobacco industry.

Cigarettes will be sold in plain, standardised packages carrying large, graphic warnings against smoking -- and the brand name in small print -- from 2012, under proposed new legislation.

The government also sharply raised taxes on cigarettes by 25 percent from midnight on Thursday, adding about two dollars (1.85 US) to a packet of 30, with the proceeds ploughed in to healthcare.

"Cigarettes are not cool, cigarettes kill people," said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

"This will be the most hardline regime for cigarette packaging anywhere in the world," he added.

Dear Prime Minister Rudd:

I assume that you are moral, honest and rational.

I therefore ask you to consider the following:

If A causes B, then B will follow A, and if A occurs one hundred times, then B will follow one hundred times, following one hundred percent of the time.

Are you with me so far?

Now please divide the number of cases of any ill effect you say is caused by smoking by the total number of smokers, multiply by one hundred, and look at the percentage of succession that you get:

How close is it to one hundred percent? or ninety? or seventy-five? or fifty? or . . . ?

That's right, the claims of the Tobacco Warriors with regard to the health effects of smoking are completely fraudulent.

That's because Prohibition, including the Drug War and the Tobacco War, is Christian Theocratic in origin, intent, support and effect, serviced by the kinds of "professionals" that no such totalitarian campaign ever has any difficulty in recruiting, especially from among the ranks of the "professionals" of the totalitarian pseudoscience psychology and related totalitarian pseudomedicine psychiatry, which have battened on and feasted fat off Prohibition, Drug War and Tobacco War.

And all of the above practically specialize in causal claims where the alleged effects follow the alleged causes far far less than one hundred percent of the time, and as often as not even less than one percent (see "second-hand smoking" and "third-hand smoking").

Do you really want to allow such totalitarians to subvert Australian law?

Do you really want to go down in history with and as one of them?

And guess who such "punitive taxes" ("punishment" without benefit of trial) hurt most, working people or the wealthy?

Do you Australians really want to be like the American regime, oppressing, robbing and harassing working-people every possible way you can?

John Kennard

Keywords: correlationism, Drug War, moralism, plutocracy, Prohibition, psychosociocracy, theocracy, Tobacco War, totalitarian studies


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