Friday, November 19, 2010

The Last British Labour Politician Worth Spit

The road the nation decided to take
produced a perfect Eldorado
to the most sordid and criminal speculators
the world has ever seen,
the type of citizen
who has no regard for the people, the nation, or honor,
and who cares not whom he ruins
or the effect of his acts on national or international life.
Many of them have borne great names;
they have been regarded as leaders
in the financial and social world;
they have influenced and dominated governments.

< Ernie Bevin (1933)

Can you imagine Ernie Bevin benignly presiding over the Oil Bubble of 2006-8—which was run on the ICE Futures exchange in London[1][2][3]—or quashing a corruption investigation on behalf of the Saudis?

Keywords: plutocracy

[1] "Perhaps 60% of today’s oil price is pure speculation"
[2] "Two Trials to Look Forward To"
[3] "The Suppression of the Oil Bubble Story: An Open Letter to F. William Engdahl"


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