Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Trials to Look Forward To

The American espionage trial of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al, for being Saudi agents, which trial should finally settle the question of how much money has to change hands before you're no longer considered an agent, an agent of influence or a saboteur.

And the International Military Tribunal dealing with the Oil Bubble of 2006-8, that greatest of all economic attacks on the world in history, which stole three trillion dollars and wrecked the world economy, which Tribunal should show us three American Presidents on trial, Clinton, who signed the legislation throwing down the post-Great-Depression protections against such bubble-making; Bush, who benignly oversaw bubble after bubble, culminating in the Oil Bubble, which imploded many such lesser bubbles and other Ponzi schemes before imploding the world and US economies and thus finally itself; and Obama, who is covering up for the Oil Bubble Gang ("I don't want to point fingers, I want to look forward!"), and appointed many of them to high office; as well as Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, and many, many of "the best and brightest" on Wall Street and in London's City, as well as of course the direct principals in the engineering and running of the Oil Bubble itself, and, above all, those who played in and "profited" from it.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Is America Being Run For?

The vast majority of Americans, just as with the vast majority of people always and everywhere, depend on the value of their labor as their sole financial resource, regardless of skill level.

What then are we to make of the policies of the United States, wherein the Republicans champion the "out-sourcing" of manufacturing jobs to the most oppressed workers around the world, above all to those most oppressed workers of all, in "Communist" China, while the Democrats champion throwing down the Southern border to millions of illegal immigrant workers, to take the service jobs that are left?

Such policies do not even make sense from a plutocratic point of view, since American working-people are the "consumers" on whose confidence and buying-power corporate sales, profits, dividends and capital gains depend.

Who is America being run for?

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