Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sex and Law in America

Here is a secular law, which should also be Constitutional Amendment, against the folly and worse of "gender theory":

"1. Only biological, genetic, congenital sex shall be recognized (but see section 3 below).

"2. Marriage shall only be between biological, genetic, congenital male and female (but see section 3 next).

"3. a. Congenital genetic intersexual state shall be medically treated case-by-case, and resulting sexual approximation recognized.

"3. b. Congenital physical intersexual state shall be medically approximated to genetic sex.

"3. c. "Sex-change" for purpose other than that of this section is prohibited and its result shall not be recognized."

Let the triumph-of-the-will sophists of "gender" and perversion openly and honestly meet this, in public debate, vote, and referendum.

Indeed, what sexual stereotyping can be worse than the pretense that there are male and female minds?

What can be more despicable than deliberate attempt by parent or teacher to enable or induce sexual confusion in a child?

And Cui bono? from such confusion?

Finally, note that any attempt to base opposition to "gender theory" etc. on Biblical is quite properly opposed on Federal Constitutional anti-theocratic ground.

[Keywords: biology, democracy, doctor-state, "gender",
sex, theocracy]