Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Against Homosexuality and Homosexualism

The ("secular") argument against homosexuality is quite simple:

Homosexuality is a matter of choice, but choices can be good or bad, right or wrong, and what worse judgment can be shown in what more profound matter than engaging in mating behavior with members of one's own sex?

And it is worth recalling with regard to this matter of homosexual judgment that the reason for the explosion of AIDS through the American male homosexual subpopulation was due to the shocking promiscuity and contempt for "safe sex"—if you can call what homosexuals do "sex"—of that subpopulation . . . .

Which explosion not only ravaged that subpopulation but put the entire American population at risk through the epidemiological amplification of HIV involved and its consequent amplified introduction into the national blood and blood-product supplies . . . .

But if homosexuality were involuntary, what neuropathology could be more profound than that which so profoundly interfered with such a central biological function as mating?

None of this means anything to the the American homosexualists—the political homosexuals and their fellow-travelers, mostly pseudo-liberals in the "Democratic" wing of the American Corporate Plutocratic Party—who are making it ever clearer that for them there can be no middle ground between criminalization of homosexuality or complete homosexualization of America.

Bonus observation: "Gender" is what you prate about when you want to invent more than two sexes without contradiction from biology.

Keywords: doctor-state, homosexualism, homosexuality, moralism, pseudoliberalism


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