Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some American Anti-Plutocratic Classics

Douglass, Frederick, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1845) (many editions)

Litwack, Leon F., Been in the Storm So Long (New York: 1979)

Caudill, Harry M., Night Comes to the Cumberlands (Boston: 1962)

Colby, Gerard and Dennett, Charlotte, Thy Will Be Done (New York: 1995)

Sampson, Anthony, The Sovereign State of ITT (New York:1973)(Greenwich:1974)

Burns, Thomas S., Tales of ITT (Boston:1974)

Bruck, Connie, The Predator's Ball (New York: 1988)

Kallen, Laurence H., Corporate Welfare (New York: 1991)

Riordan, William L., Plunkitt of Tammany Hall (1905)(many editions)

Pearson, Drew, and Anderson, Jack, The Case Against Congress (New York: 1968)

Winter-Berger, Robert N., The Washington Pay-Off (Secaucus: 1972)

Jackley, John, L., Hill Rat (Washington: 1992)

Suggestions welcome. Non-fiction only, please.

Surely there were some non-Leninist-Stalinist critiques of American plutocracy during the Great Depression that I've missed out on or am forgetting (or were suppressed)? (then there was the Gilded Age.)

Keywords: corruption, plutocracy


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