Thursday, December 09, 2010

"Missing Link" Found
(Very Old News)

Proconsul africanus has at one time or another been placed based on its fossil record on all three sides of the hominid-pongid split, that is, before the divergence of ancestry of the great apes (pongids) and man (hominids); on the pongid line afterward; and on the hominid line afterward.

Considering how fossils are made, and how rare and spotty must be the fossil record, one can hardly honestly demand a closer approximation to the fabled "missing link".

Which for some reason you don't hear so much about in recent decades.

(It's been called by different names, and variously split into different species, but Proconsul africanus is too beautiful a name to let drop, and such precise speciation a hard call at such a distance in time.)

Keywords: evidence, evolution, honesty, human ancestry, missing link, Proconsul africanus


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