Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Law and Terrorism

Io non giudico né giudicheròmai essere difetto difendere alcuna opinione con le ragioni, sanza volervi usare o l'autorità o la forza.


Let us take terrorists at their words, that they are waging war, in which case they can be taken legally to be specialized and trained in and conspiring to commit and actually committing war-crimes and crimes against humanity . . . .

And if they're domestic terrorists, you can add rebellion to that, the maximum penalty for which (which considering that war-crimes and crimes against humanity are involved should generally be levied) is death and total confiscation of assets.

Keywords: crimes against humanity, law, terrorism, war, war-crimes

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Our planet is a jewel, but we don't treat it like a jewel.

(See also my posts "Population Law: The 1% Approximation", "The Overpopulation Equation", "Geocide" and "Photonomics: The Photosynthetic Economy".)

Keywords: conservation, ecology, law, morality, overpopulation, photonomics, photonomy, population, sustainability